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so what are the pokemon that are good without hidden abilities?

#1lloyd0117Posted 11/28/2013 3:07:11 AM
so far i got- the legendaries, the megas, azumaril, aegislash....
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#2EvolutionUberPosted 11/28/2013 3:08:04 AM
Charizard y
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#3john151bacardiPosted 11/28/2013 3:10:26 AM
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#4MegaForestPosted 11/28/2013 3:30:04 AM
Yeah, there are plenty of things that get really crappy hidden abilities (anything that gets plus or minus). And some are just better off with one of their normal abilities, like Galvantula, Blissey, and Skarmory off the top of my head.
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#5immrsmithPosted 11/28/2013 3:30:47 AM
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#6TheCoolzPosted 11/28/2013 3:34:25 AM
Bisharp gets Defiant as a normal ability.

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