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Restaurant Le Wow questions.

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User Info: iRaithYou

3 years ago#1
What is the reward for beating this? Extra money or extra exp?

Also, to beat it completely, do I need to defeat the Pokemon in exactly 2 turns or under 2 turns?
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User Info: GeminiDeus

3 years ago#2
If you do a perfect run, you get 25 Balm Mushrooms which sell for a lot of money. Before each battle, you will be told how many turns it will take and they each vary, usually 3 turns. Doing a perfect run means finishing a battle in the amount of turns told and not have any of your Pokemon faint. It can be tough once you get to round 4 which your opponents have Protect...
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User Info: _Sylar_

3 years ago#3
I mainly run Le Wow for exp, not cash. So I do Rotation Battles, where one Pokemon solos the entire thing while two others get full battle exp while remaining perfectly safe.

User Info: NaruJoe

3 years ago#4
You get both..i usually run triple battles while one hold amulet coin and the rest with kucky eggs. The one wit amulet coin is level 100 so i dont bother wit its exp.

But yur prize you get can sell for HIGH money
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