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Who can counter Volcarona(other than Stealth Rock)?

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User Info: ThatGuyOverDer

3 years ago#1
I'm having a hard time trying to take down Volcarona, I think I run into mostly Bulky Quiver Dance sets(EV'd in Defense). What can easily take it out? I might just teach my TTar Stone Edge or Rock Slide for the x4 weakness...
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User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#2
What on earth is your Ttar doing not knowing either of those moves?

I could suggest any number of rock pokemon, but that's probably the simplest bet.

User Info: bbkkristian

3 years ago#3
Aurorus's counterpart comes to mind.
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User Info: AwesomeMario

3 years ago#4
Ttar without Stone edge or rock slide? What moveset are you running!? Anyways bad thing is Volcarona is extremely likely to OHKO you with Bug buzz (if it's +1) unless you run assault vest and there's a sandstorm out
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User Info: crunchy612

3 years ago#5
Someone that can eat a boosted Quiver Dance'd Fire Blast or Bug Buzz and live, and is physically inclined.

TTar @ Assault Vest in the sand might survive a Bug Buzz, but i highly doubt it can OHKO. Plus there's switching and whatnot... >_>

Edit: IF, somehow, Volcy and Azumarill are out on the field together, there's a chance Volcy will QD and you Belly Drum; Aqua Jet off 1700+ attack shouls be more than enough. Then again, any decent Volcarona user will not do that...
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User Info: Cookies6498

3 years ago#6
Azumarill resists both STABS, bug and fire, and can hit back with water type moves.
Not sure if that makes it a counter.
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User Info: ThatGuyOverDer

3 years ago#7
My TTar is a Special Wall that knows Ice Beam(in case of Dragons, but I haven't ran into one yet). I might give it one of those moves though, I'm not sure which one though. The set is:

Tyrantar @ Assault Vest
Ice Beam

EDIT: Assault Vest TTar survives four hits of Bug Buzz under Sandstorm. Its less if boosted and Sandstorm is gone.
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User Info: Akazora

3 years ago#8
I typically use something with T-wave or trick + choice item to cripple any pokemon I didn't plan for. Chandelure resists both it's STABs if you don't want to go with that route though.

User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#9
Talonflame, if you like overused things that everyone is sick of seeing.
STAB Quick Attack. Staraptor.

User Info: Giratinalga

3 years ago#10
Specially Defensive w/ Assault Vest Tyranitar, Heatran (if not carrying HP Ground), Blissey (T-Wave/Seismo Toss cripple/kill it), Mega Charizard X, Talonflame (gotta be a little careful, but it can come in and immediately threaten it with priority BBird), Moltres, Azumarill, Kingdra (needs Swift Swim), Specially Defensive Gyarados/Mega Gyarados.

Off the top of my head.
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