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Another "Shiny" topic

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User Info: trewerd

3 years ago#11
Zubat in FireRed
Banette in Ruby
Grimer in White 2
Spritzee in Pokemon X (It WAS in the safari and I WAS trying to get a shiny, but I was looking for Kirlia)

The rest of my shinies are either Safari sought, chain fished, in-game rewards or real life download events.
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User Info: JSusie

3 years ago#12
Scrafty in B2
Gulpin in X
Smeargle in X while trying to hatch eggs and type a post on gfaqs at the same time, veering into some grass.
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User Info: calvin_0

3 years ago#13
well i hatch a shiny fennekin on my 1st egg while breeding to trade...

and today i found the most shiny ever... 5 shinnies while trying to find a cloyster...

i never found so many shinnies in any generation, the most is either 1 or 2.....
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