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There is now a crossover of the last non Pokemon game you played and Pokemon

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User Info: tminus31

3 years ago#331
Pokemon + Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Pirates? Assassins? Pokemon?

Sign me up.
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User Info: icicleblade

3 years ago#332
been awhile since i posted on this.
SMT: RKSA...and pokemon?
So basically the same game, but darker with more story and with pokemon instead of demons?
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User Info: ThanatosIkke

3 years ago#333
League of Legends and Pokémon. Actually, this would work great. You are the pokemon traniner and you control your own pokemon in a real time birds-eye view MOBA environment to the destroy the enemy teams Pokemon Center. Items can be bought at Pokemon Marts and theres' enough of a variety of pokemon to cover various roles such as tank, ranged dps, support etc.

You know, this sounds awesome actually. Pwetty please GameFreak? I think there'd be enough of an audience for it as many people who started as a kid or their early teens with pokemon Red/ Blue/ Green are now grown ups who still play the series to this day.

User Info: ThanatosIkke

3 years ago#334
stranksy posted...
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim + Pokemon X = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

Actually, theres' sort of a mod for that. Unfortunately it's not very high quality as the author doesn't use new models, resulting in a Pikachu being a recolored skeever :|

User Info: ThanatosIkke

3 years ago#335
Damanax posted...
Fire Emblem Awakening + Pokemon Y.

Not too much difference.

Actually, that game already exists, although it's not based in the Fire Emblem universe.

User Info: Oblivion_Hero

3 years ago#336
Attack on Pokemon.

That could be pretty freaking sweet
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User Info: 0AbsolutZero0

3 years ago#337
League of Pokemon. Just imagine if Pokemon moves were skill shots instead of probability generated accuracy *shudders*
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User Info: LagoonTheCursed

3 years ago#338
S4 League.
This would be awful.
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User Info: james009223

3 years ago#339
Angry staraptors
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User Info: Irishman2332

3 years ago#340
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom vs Pokemon 3
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