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All I see in the trading board is mostly the word SHINY

#31Rhyth_MicPosted 12/6/2013 6:52:49 AM
crunchy612 posted...
As has been said, topics like tht will end up in flames here. I'msurprised this one hasn't as of yet. >_>

Anyway, if you guys mean external mesaage boards, like Zetaboards? I can probably set us up tomorrow while i'm at school. Does anyone have any objections? Other suggestions?

Wait, is Zetaboards paid? XD

I don't think it'll attract that much hate tbh, I'd be worried more about keeping up with the thread, especially once Pokebank comes out. More pokes to breed, and more trade deals mean we'll hit that 500 post limit in 1 hour max, lmao.

I think Zetaboards is free.
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