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Ghost Girl in Lumiose City

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3 years ago#1
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3 years ago#2
That was dumb.
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3 years ago#3
Well, let's just break all the ghost physics why don't we?
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3 years ago#4
IzanagiBlast posted...

The f***?
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3 years ago#5
It's so stupid i can't stop laughing
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3 years ago#6
Is this comic wish fulfillment? I dream about the hex maniacs. >_>
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3 years ago#7
From: FuneralCake | Posted: 12/10/2013 11:20:14 PM | #002
That was dumb.
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3 years ago#8
I smell romance sidequest DLC.

JK. No.
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3 years ago#9
it's so stupid but i still laughed a little to myself
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3 years ago#10
mr_jinketsu posted...
I smell romance sidequest DLC.

JK. No.

How about we compromise with a Skyrim mod?
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