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Top 5 favorite Pokemon girls.

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2 years ago#1
Just put who your top 5 favorite Pokegirls ever are in this Topic.

My top 5 Pokegirls (No particular order):
1. Hilda. I really like her hairdo, she looks very cool, her outfit makes her look badass and she has a nice butt *blushes*!
2 Rosa. Her hairbuns are adorable along with her outfit.
3. Yancy. I like her pink hair and she is very adorable like Rosa.
4. Serena. Her stockings are awesome and she has a cute European-style outfit.
5. Lorelei. A woman who looks sexy with glasses on? Heck Yeah!!!
Mario and Sonic are favorite video game characters ever! Hilda is not only my fave Pokemon girl, but she ties with Mario & Sonic in terms of awesomeness!
2 years ago#2
Depends on who is the subject of certain fanfictions.

Huh? What?
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2 years ago#3
1. Elesa (So hot!)
2. Bonnie (Yum!)
3. Shauna (Wow!)
4. Bugsy (So cute!)
5. Agatha (Oh yeah, baby!)

But nah, seriously..
1. Elesa
2. Malva
3. Hilda
4. Jasmine
5. Roxie
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2 years ago#4
At first I thought this topic was made by yours truly...

I entered and became disappoint that wasn't the case.
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2 years ago#5
In no particular order:

2 years ago#6
1 - 5. Female Breeder (Gen 6)
2 years ago#7
1. Flannery
2. Skyla
3. Elesa
4. Hilda
5. Cynthia
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2 years ago#8
1. May. She's the only female player character I like besides Serena, and that's only because character customization exists.
2. Malva. She's just a foxy lady in general.
3. Anabel. I have a thing for ladies with shorter hair. :3
4. Brigette. Not her new style, but her old one with the shorter hair and sandals. **** crocs, seriously.
5. Shauntal. Love her hair and glasses. Cutest E4 member ever. Also, she's left handed. :3
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2 years ago#9
All 5 girls in Laverre city gym :D
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2 years ago#10
It's a tough choice, but either:

1. Twins
2. Tuber (F)
3. Poke Kid
4. Preschooler
5. Fairy Tale Girl


1. Furisode Girl
2. Furisode Girl
3. Furisode Girl
4. Furisode Girl
5. Kimono Girl

For real, probably something like this, in no particular order:

Misty (OK, this is 110% nostalgia, but I stand by it)
and the "surprise" twist: Furisode Girl
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