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Whats your favorite bird Pokemon?

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2 years ago#11
swellow and talonflame both bery strong and awesome birds
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2 years ago#12
TheForevergelo posted...
Missingno. :P

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2 years ago#13
WAS Archeops, what an absolutely awesome mon design, battle, and flavor wise.

Then they made it animated...
Srsly. Have yall seen Archeops this gen?
Its depressing T_T
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2 years ago#14
Mine is Staraptor, even though I hated its screech in the previous gens. I loved using Close Combat to trash Rock and Ice types, and using U-Turn to get out of sticky situations in 4th gen. It's my favorite of the Normal/Flying dual types, though it is pretty frail. Braviary and Talonflame are cool too.

Yvetal is a really cool legendary, like Lugia, but with Dark typing. I also love Zapdos, and it was fun to use when I played FireRed.
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2 years ago#15
Pidgeot above all but i still like Noctowl Swellow Staraptor and Unfezant, each are all on my respective gen teams
2 years ago#16
I like Archeops, Honchkrow and Skarmory for the concept and designs.
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2 years ago#17
I liked Togekiss since it was still normal/flying.
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2 years ago#18
- Honchcrow (haven't seen it 3D yet tbh, usually go with that one as a Fly-slave semi-competetive team member)

- Talonflame (just because of how useful it is, Fly slave + Flamebody breeding aid or Galewings competetive)

- Arcticuno (one beautiful pokemon, sadly i picked Fynx so no Arktos with my ID :-/ )
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2 years ago#19
It looks so cool, being an red peregrine with flame paintjob. Its design unifies birds of prey, illegal street racing and car mods, fire pokemon and of course meteors, what with it going all brave bird of your enemies behinds. Its the Vin Diesel of pokemon.
2 years ago#20
Skarmory for being a fun wall (but dat Mandibuzz tho) and having great flavour (people making swords from its feathers). Hoothoot's not bad either with its clock-design.
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