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Passing down non hidden abilities

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User Info: ThaLank

3 years ago#1
I've tried to research the topic, but everything seems centered on hidden abilities.

When aiming to breed a pokemon with a non hidden ability, does the female need to have the desired ability?

I am trying to breed an Eevee with adaptability, and have only been able to breed females with Run away. Once I started breeding a 4 IV female, I have had 10 Run Away eggs in a row.

The few things I've found say that there should be a 50/50 shot between run away and adaptability, so long as I'm not breeding a female with anticipation. Am I just unlucky or have I listened to a bad source?

Edit: the 10 RA eggs were bred with a male with adaptability and the RA female (the female had an everstone)*
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User Info: CharizardFire

3 years ago#2
The mother doesn't have to have the desired ability, but it's helpful, since the offspring will have an 80% chance of inheriting her ability.


Why are you trying for an Adaptability Eevee anyway? All of its evolved forms have only one regular ability.
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User Info: MysterPixel

3 years ago#3
If the mother has a regular ability, then the offspring has an 80% chance of having that ability and a 20% chance of getting the other ability. (Of course if that pokemon can only have one regular ability then it gets it 100% of the time).

If the mother has a hidden ability, the offspring has a 60% chance of getting that ability and a 20% chance for each of the regular abilities (or 40% chance if there is only one regular ability).

If your mother Eevee has Run Away then 80% of the eggs will also have Run Away.
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