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Fairy is really the more powerful pokemons?

#31FryDays5000Posted 12/21/2013 2:11:39 PM
InhaledCorn posted...
I think, the problem with Fairy's resistances is that they all happen to be weak to Ground. If a Ground/Fairy comes around, it's going to do very well since it's are almost unresisted. If it has Mold Breaker, the last of things that can switch in is reduced to two: Skarmory and Crobat. Rotten-Heat, Bronzong, and Wheezing are the only others that could if Mold Breaker (or Air Balloon) aren't factors.
This is our Fairy/Ground
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#32CakeOfLiesPosted 12/21/2013 2:12:33 PM
Apparently, Scizor, Lucario, Heatran, Metagross, etc suddenly don't exist.
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