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Team Nova RP Episode 10: Tooth and Nail

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3 years ago#231
Putting his mask back on, John Doe listened to Yancy's explanation of what had happened.

The Sword of Justices, eh? Meeting them in person is practically every Unovan child's dream. Heck, I myself was looking forward to the movie until Nova happened and the plug was pulled... I mean, they were pretty much making themselves the Fun Police then; Who does that?!

"So once they patch themselves up, they're taking Zekrom and making a run for it then?"

Yancy nodded. "I... Putting aside the obvious fact about Zekrom being here, I still don't think that's a good idea, but Cobalion seemed adamant that they do this."

And since Keldeo apparently hates humans now, we already know his opinion on the matter.

"But it's been proven that this method doesn't work", said John Doe. "All it takes is one mistake and they're dead. Keldeo only survived by dumb luck by running into you, otherwise Keldeo dies and Nova gets Zekrom again. Surely even they realize--!"

John Doe froze suddenly as his eyes became fixated on a figure that had just materialized in the hospital room. Yancy turned to see what had caused him to react this way only to jolt in surprise as the image of a scared girl with what appeared to be burns stood in the middle of the room.

Zoroark!! If this is a joke, it isn't funny!!!

"Papa!" said Rotom, who went from the mask to the Synchro Drive sitting on the adjacent table to talk to Doe, "Zoroark's still in a Pokeball! This isn't his fault!"

What?! But that's...!

John Doe and Yancy both watched as the girl's gaze darted left and right before running toward the door, phasing through it and into the hallway. Her footsteps didn't make a single sound.

Yancy stared wide-eyed. "What was--?!"

John Doe forced himself to stand, ignoring the pain he was feeling on his chest. He ran out of the room in pursuit of the girl. He briefly stopped to see that the hallway was aflame, and the girl was running straight through it.

The fire isn't burning much of anything...

John Doe forced himself to limp through the flames as he heard Yancy's protests behind him.

"John, no!!"

Although he most definitely did feel a searing pain as he ran through the fire, he was most certainly not set ablaze, which was good. He followed the girl until it turned and ran into one of the hospital rooms to the left. Not hesitating for a moment, John Doe followed and burst through the door to see Meridia (who he recognized despite the disguise) thrashing about as a nurse and doctor tried their hardest to restrain her.

John Doe's eyes darted left and right as all traces of the girl vanished.

That girl... The one from the PWT!!

"What's going on?!" demanded Doe with uncharacteristic forcefulness.

"No idea!" said another nurse who was rummaged through a med kit. "She started thrashing about before all this weird **** started happening!"

Wait... Does this mean... Meridia's causing this? But how? Is the girl something only I saw or-- No, Yancy saw it, and she never saw what I saw back then. But what does that-- Damn it! I can leave that for later. If she's causing this somehow, there has to be a way to calm her down.

I would assume the doctors' first instinct was to try to sedate her when her thrashing wouldn't stop, so that won't work. What if I were to...

I have no idea what direction this would lead, but it's worth a try.

John Doe telepathically called to Rotom through the Synchro Drive.

"I need Manaphy here!"
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3 years ago#232
(Safety bump due to technical difficulties. )
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3 years ago#233
The next day , Lionel, Richie, Carlos, and Austin showered in the four stall Doorless shower built in their room.

Austin and Lionel's clothes were taken away, and they put on their Factory-worker clothes.

Austin wondered how Ace and Shogun were doing back with Lacey, he'd also left his Cosmic drive with Fennel.

"Attention! You will be working the Factory Line today! My name is Tonpei, I will be your supervisor. Pay attention in class, because I won't repeat myself!"

They recieved their jobs and roles. Lionel and Austin would work with Carlos and Richie.
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3 years ago#234
empireoffire posted...
(Safety bump due to technical difficulties. )

(It's funny, because I passed out pretty much right when you posted this.)

As soon as Anton begins speaking, the cloaked man let's Benga go. "We really only know the bare minimum about Sunyshore." He says truthfully. "Pretty much everything that Cobalion told u-mmmffff!"

Again, Benga is pulled back by the other man and prevented from speaking further. This time, not soon enough.
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3 years ago#235
"Wait, Cobalion is here!?" Anton shouted in excitement before pausing a bit. "Great! Wait, no. S***."

Well that screws up our plans.

"Our chance of survival much less success if we decide to try and capture Keldeo now is 3.931%."

I didn't need to know that.

"I believe that concludes my business in Orre. May I be escorted out?"

Anton's face faded after there had been no response from the hooded figures.

"Hello!" he called out into the nearby hallways. "Anyone feeling a little treacherous today? Hello?"
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3 years ago#236
Yancy was at a loss as to how to react.

What got into him?! He lost his composure and sense of rational thought as soon as he saw that girl! What does--

Just then, she heard a familiar voice a short distance away.

"Hello! Anyone feeling a little treacherous today? Hello?"

Wait, that's Ant-- I mean, N's voice! What's he doing here?! Is it because of Keldeo?


...I hate to manipulate him like this, even if he's not really himself, but maybe I might be able to talk him down. The last thing anyone needs is for Xerneas's leader to join the enemy like this. Worse case scenario though...

Yancy slipped back into Joshua's hospital room in time to see Manaphy fly out overhead in a hurry. She spoke to Rotom as she sent out Grinn and Zoroark from their Pokeballs while taking the Pokeballs for Togekiss, Serperior, Gallade, Ursaring, Golurk, and Ditto into her bag.

"Did Joshua need Manaphy for something? Actually, nevermind that. N-as-Anton is right outside and might be working with Nova to capture Keldeo. I'm going to try to talk him down, but worse-case-scenario, I want you three to help in disabling him from doing anything more. Do whatever you see fit, but just... make sure he still lives, okay?"

As Yancy turned to walk towards the source of the voice, Grinn, Rotom, and Zoroark's eyes were filled with sadistic glee as Grinn hid in Yancy's shadow without her knowing and Zoroark made himself and Rotom invisible.

Taking a deep breath right before turning the corner, "Diane" made herself visible to Anton.

"Ant?! Is that you?!"


John Doe, his heart beating rapidly, sat down on the ground as Manaphy entered the room. He wasn't sure what would happen if he Heart Swapped with an unconscious person-- much less one who may or may not have superpowers on the fritz-- so he was making sure his body wouldn't slump toward the ground head-first while he is standing, lest he be greeted back to his own body with a concussion.

"Daddy!" shouted Manaphy, "What's going on?!"

"I wish I had an answer for you", said John Doe. "But I suspect that Meridia here is the cause of it, so I want to Heart Swap with her to see if I can do something about it."

"Bu--but are you sure that's a good idea?! What if something bad happens?!"

"Better than what would happen if we do nothing", said Doe.

Manaphy looked torn between doing what Doe says, and doing nothing.

"...Hey", said Doe with sincerity. "Relax. I've gotten out of leaping before I look before, right? Did you ever wonder how I manage to do that?"


"The trick is to remember those that I'm fighting for. You, Grinn, Ditto, Rotom, Zoroark... Yancy... you all drive me to keep living. As long as I hold on to that, I promise that nothing bad will happen to me. Trust me."

Manaphy was silent. "...Okay... But if I don't see anything happen, I'm going to pull you right back! I'm not going to let you die!"

"Atta girl... Whenever you're ready."

"...Please be careful."

Manaphy's eyes glowed once John Doe took a deep breath before his mind was switched with Meridia's.
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3 years ago#237
"Diane!" Anton reacted cheerfully as he tried to raise his arms but remembered they were bound to the back of his chair. "What are you doing here!? Did you neglect to tell me something in Sunyshore? Did you join these rebels?"

"Who is this woman?"

She's my cousin, Diane Hiedrich. She lived in Sunyshore near Yui and me before I found you.

"Anyways..." Anton continued as he scooted his chair closer to Diane. "Do you mind untying these for me? They are quite uncomfortable if I do say so myself."
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3 years ago#238
Not going to ask me what I'm doing here? That would have been my first reaction.

...In order to gain his trust, I should play along with what he wants for now.

Stepping behind Anton, she gave one of the hooded figures a "trust me, I know what I'm doing" look before undoing the binds.

"What the heck are you doing here?!" asked Diane. "And where's Yui?"

Meanwhile, Grinn transferred from Yancy's shadow to Anton. Zoroark approached quietly, his eyes already chosen what to target once it hits the fan. Rotom, noticing something weird about the Beheeyem, approached it from behind for a closer look.

...Wait a second...!

Rotom entered the Beheeyem's body with a hitch. He doubted the Pokemon would notice.

I knew it! Cybernetic enhancements! I wonder what this thing can... Ooooh! Tri-Attack! That might come in handy later. What else? Hmm... Something about uploading data to somewhere. I should look over this thing to keep in mind for later. Wait! Maybe I can send misinformation! Yeah, that'll be an unwelcome surprise for whoever is getting these! I'll hold off on it now though. I shouldn't have this Pokemon notice I'm here juuuust yet, even if I can pretty much stop him from doing much.
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3 years ago#239
Anton felt a sudden shift in Terminus' telepathic readings that disappeared just as quickly as it happened.

What was that?

"I am unsure."

Run some diagnostics.

"Running diagnostics. Diagnostics complete. Foreign body detected. Unable to purge."

It's probably a Rotom. Figured you had some enhancements, so they bugged you. Turn them off.

"Process complete."

"I'm looking for Keldeo, for um, reasons." Anton replied as he stood up. "Our house was attacked by a Nova agent, and after I drove him off, I left Yui a note telling her to flee. I don't know where she is right now."
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3 years ago#240
Rotom was annoyed as the enhancements were turned off.

Oh no you don't!

Rotom turned the enhancements back on almost as soon as it came on.

Just for that, I'm going to send some of that false data! What should I do... Oh! I know!

Rotom quickly drafted up a quick piece of intel.

Subject Name: Keldeo
Status: Deceased
Location: Doesn't matter anymore.


Rotom chuckled to himself as the data was sent off without a hitch.

Might not be the correct format, but oh well!


Play dumb.

"Keldeo? Why are you looking for it?" asked Diane. She then looked troubled and feigned hesitation before speaking next. "I ask because... I heard bad things about what you are doing. They said you started working for Nova for some reason... But... That's not true, right? I mean, I know you and that's silly for you to do something like that, right? I'm sure they were talking about someone else!"
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