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If you could have any Pokemon as your girlfriend. Which would you have?

#1keflynPosted 12/23/2013 9:24:29 PM
I would be Mismagius because I like a little mystery in my girls ;)

What about you guys?
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#2RaltriosPosted 12/23/2013 9:25:04 PM
I'd need it to be personified, or no deal.
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#3xGensingNinjaxPosted 12/23/2013 9:26:12 PM
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#4ThaxagoodnamePosted 12/23/2013 9:26:28 PM
You people are weird

On topic: A 5IV Ditto so that we can have perfect babies!
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#5zeldalordPosted 12/23/2013 9:29:04 PM(edited)
Gogoat. When you wanna buck all night long.

Or noivern, she'd be a total screamer.
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#6LexifoxPosted 12/23/2013 9:29:30 PM
Zoroark. Abuse that transforming illusion.
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#7MaiSoryuPosted 12/23/2013 9:29:35 PM
None, you guys make us look bad.
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#8iamBGSPosted 12/23/2013 9:29:36 PM
None, I prefer humans. Is that racist?
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#9john151bacardiPosted 12/23/2013 9:31:21 PM
Thaxagoodname posted...
You people are weird

On topic: A 5IV Ditto so that we can have perfect babies!

How do you except a flawless baby if you yourself are only 1IV?
On topic, maybe Florges. She's pretty sexy.
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#10J_AppleiPosted 12/23/2013 9:34:26 PM
Female Gardev-

xGensingNinjax posted...

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