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ITT: Moves/Abilities that make no sense on a Pokemon

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User Info: Hydreigoon

3 years ago#1
3DS FC: 3780 9238 3895 (Hydreigoon) Pokemon Y IGN: Hydreigoon
LoL IGN: 0mnip0tent

User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

3 years ago#2
Slowpoke - Flamethrower. wut
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User Info: Xlash101

3 years ago#3
Sharpedo Earthquake. Hoppip Hyber Beam.
FC - 1461-7221-7248 / IGN - Hikari
Friend Safari - Electric - Pachirisu Electabuzz Galvantula

User Info: RPGgamer777

3 years ago#4
Dragonite - Ice Beam (?)
"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." - Act I Scene IV

User Info: LagoonTheCursed

3 years ago#5
Prinplup - Metal Claw
It has flippers..
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User Info: GrimlockSmash

3 years ago#6
Diglett and Scratch. Tyranitar and Surf.
3DS FC: 1993-7552-5914
GT: DvA Infamy

User Info: kiba312

3 years ago#7
Goodra and it's everything
3DS FC: 2036 7930 8344
LoL IGN: inplane

User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#8
Pupitar learned power up punch...
Lord of gaming!!! (probably) 3DS FC: 3411-1747-3961 Y IGN: Sean; X IGN: Lily
Life's too short for silly worries, have fun.

User Info: calvin_0

3 years ago#9
Tauros and surf
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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#10
Archeops: Defeatist

Look how powerful that things stats are. There is no way it should feel less confident than a Aerodactyl.
Official Stealth Rock of the Pokemon X Board
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