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Can anyone confirm this works? (Amie XP boost related)

#1Shigmiya64Posted 12/26/2013 9:52:40 PM
So I breed a lot of mons for use in the Battle Maison, and when. It comes time to level them to 50 or beyond, the XP boost from two hearts in Pokémon-Amie is helpful. I want to know if this routine I've worked outis repeatable:

Starting from 0 Amie affection:
1. Feed your mon 4 level 4 Poké Puffs. (The ones with frosting and a piece of candy on top)
2. Play Head It Unlimited 3 times, scoring 50 points each time. This will get you 6 level 4 Poké Puffs
3. Pet the mon in Amie until they start showing the musical note instead of hearts. (Make sure it's a spot they like so you get 3 hearts instead of 1 or none)
4. Feed it two more level 4 Poké Puffs.

You should hit two hearts of affection and have 4 Poké Puffs left over to start the process again with the next on you train. Does this work when you guys try it?
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