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Budew evolution question...

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3 years ago#1
My Budew is level 13 and I'd like to evolve him before he misses any moves, but I think I am pretty far from the Happiness evaluator. Is there any way to tell if he is happy enough to evolve or should I just stop leveling him until I can get the happiness checked?
3 years ago#2
You could probably just keep leveling it up. The only thing you are likely to miss that you would want is Leech Seed, but so long as you haven't ever let it faint, it should evolve soon enough.
3 years ago#3
Short answer: Don't bother with Budew, Roselia can be caught on Route 7, which I'd imagine you're not too far off.

Long answer (if you insist on Budew): The Happiness Checker is in Laverre City, 6th Gym Badge, so I'd imagine you're quite a bit off. By the time you get there, Budew would have evolved purely through levels (though, in my experience, that took nearly until Lv.30). Just walking with the Pokemon builds happiness though and you could always feed it random vitamins you find as well as make it hold the Soothe Bell when you find it (forgot where).

Roselia's only useful moves within the next 15 levels are Magical Leaf (19) and Giga Drain (25) though. If you don't evolve Budew before or on Lv.25, you're stuck with Mega Drain until Lv.37 (Petal Dance).

There really isn't a great way to tell happiness outside of the Checker. Amie doesn't help in that regard either (imo, it really should have at least aided it).
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3 years ago#4
Thanks for the info! :)
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