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Nickname for Whimiscott?

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User Info: FryDays5000

3 years ago#21
Freiza may be cool, but his brother is..... COOLER(get it?)
3DS FC: 0645-6947-9076 Steel Safari:Ferroseed,Fortress, and Klefki

User Info: Lunaby

3 years ago#22
I like Lulu as a nickname for one, don't ask me why.

And that's stupid that Pumpkin Spice is blocked. :(
IGN: Robin FC: 0404-6328-6073, SV: 2826
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User Info: Malimario98

3 years ago#23
I made some more : Chevre, Cashmere, and Willow.
U dont wunt nun of dis.

User Info: SwampertBadass

3 years ago#24
Gogo Yubari
Mudkip <3

User Info: JadeDragoon7

3 years ago#25
3DS FC: 5284-2723-2573
Pokemon X In-Game Name: Filby - Trainer Shiny Value: 1323

User Info: Turtleatlaw

3 years ago#26
FC: 1779 0670 2328

User Info: Shigmiya64

3 years ago#27
How about "Pumpkin Spaniarde" to be less offensive?
"Remember to believe in magic, or I'll kill you."
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User Info: TG_Wolf

3 years ago#28
Dumuzid :3

Cookies to people who get it :3
Official Madara Uchiha of all ExistenceOfficial Mu of UNS3 Board
Official Saberwulf of the KI Board [Furry and Proud of it ^_^] TMAFI :3

User Info: ChapFromKrugis

3 years ago#29
3DS FC: 5412-9912-6820 | Magmar, Larvesta, and Ninetales in Friend Safari |
IGN: Neo (Y) Makoto (X) | TSV: 1879
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