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My team so far...

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3 years ago#1
Infernape(physical Sweeper)
Terrakion(physical Sweeper)
Porygon 2(special wall)
Cofagrigus(physical wall)
Hydreigon/Noivern/Eelektross(Special Sweeper even though Eelektross is slow)

I need help with this. The issue is that if I used Hydreigon I get a weakness to fighting(damnable dark types), if I use Noivern, I would need possible spin support(I have Blastoise in case). What I like about Eelektross is the fact the it has no weakness(Levitate) but he is slow... any ideas?

Also I think I need screen/hazard support. How is Klefki/Carbink? They both can learn dual screens and have hazards. I'm leaning towards Klefki because of Prankster and it has two weaknesses...
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3 years ago#2
Nintendo 3DS FC: 3866 - 8470 - 7794
3 years ago#3
Didn't you already have a topic like this? One that I'm pretty sure I posted in?


Anyway, to answer your question both Klefki and Carbink are excellent screeners. I'd say Kelfki is slightly better at the role though due to Pranskter and the fact it's pretty much guaranteed to get a screen up.

Can also provide support with Prankster T-wave, set Spikes, etc.

Carbink has access to Rocks (Stealth Rock> Spikes), but it's also slow (Taunt can be a problem) and x4 weak to Steel (a more common offensive move now thanks to Fairy).

Taunt kind of destroys both of these, but Klefki at least has access to Prankster so it can at least outspeed and get one screen up before the Taunt. It also outspeeds Prankster Taunt Sableye so it gets up a screen in that scenario as well. (It pretty much gets a screen up period vs anything that isn't named a Taunt Prankster Liepard).
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3 years ago#4
Lol, I did actually. I'm mainly having trouble with choosing a Special Attacker for this team actually. I'm thinking of dropping Hydreigon/Noivern for Eelektross, my only gripe is that its pretty slow to even take that role. Mega Blastoise too(though Rapid Spin is nice).

And I'll use Klefki then. Prankster is too hard to pass.
Nintendo 3DS FC: 3866 - 8470 - 7794
3 years ago#5
Well since you're using a screener, Volcarona can be a real nasty special sweeper. Can setup via Quiver Dance, Roost, etc until its desired boosts are obtained. Reflect helps immensely since its Defense isn't the greatest.

Nasty Plot special Mega Lucario also is incredibly powerful, though It's pretty frail. It will definitely enjoy those screens.

Since you don't even have a mega yet (unless you opt for offensive spinning Mega Toise) he would be my choice.

I've yet to use one myself, but it's generating alot of attention lately. I tended to run the physical variants in the past.

Too bad my lvl 100 shiny Lucario from W/2 is physical based. Really want to try out that Nasty Plot set.
3DS FC: 1977-1571-8378 IGN Heisenberg TSV: 2336
3 years ago#6
Thanks for the help, I think I'll use Mega Blastoise then since Lucario adds up the ground weakness. If not I'll find something then. I am still considering some Pokemon that are resistant/immune to ground.

Also, how is Rotom as a Sweeper? I never tried any other Rotom but Special Defensively Rotom W.
Nintendo 3DS FC: 3866 - 8470 - 7794
3 years ago#7
Rotom can be good offensively, but that's not really its best role. It's still not really a "sweeper."

Still, an offensive bulky modest spread could be used to great effect.

252 SpA/252 HP

Hydro Pump
Volt Switch/T-bolt
WoW/T-wave/Trick/Confuse Ray/Rest
Shadow Ball/Coverage/HP Fire/Ice, etc.

If you don't want the status and go all out attacker you could maybe slap on a Vest as well. Chesto/Rest isn't ever bad to have on it either. You also could slap a Specs on it and run it with Trick as well.

In any case, Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt/Volt are going to be your primary attacks. The rest are up to you.
3DS FC: 1977-1571-8378 IGN Heisenberg TSV: 2336
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