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Which pokemon should have two mega evolutions besides Charizard and Mewtwo?

#1Chenmaster2Posted 12/28/2013 10:01:04 PM
It's a very interesting concept of trying to guess which mega evolution they're using and it'd be nice if it applied to other pokemon. HP Base Stat will remain the same.
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#2TaiphlosionPosted 12/28/2013 10:02:08 PM
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#3Azure_FlamePosted 12/28/2013 10:02:25 PM
Mega Mewtwo X and Y should each have two Giga Evos.

Mega Mewtwo X1, X2, Y1, and Y2
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#4The_Sol_BladerPosted 12/28/2013 10:02:37 PM
The other two Kanto starters, maybe?
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#5tarzanmxPosted 12/28/2013 10:03:12 PM
All of them...
Or at least the ones they knew were popular...
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#6EmperorZangoosePosted 12/28/2013 10:04:00 PM
#7Metal Gear RaxisPosted 12/28/2013 10:08:29 PM

Charizard shouldn't have had two megas; it shoulda been exclusive to Mewtwo just because Mewtwo's supposed to be uber.
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#8pafbonkPosted 12/30/2013 6:32:31 PM
Azure_Flame posted...
Mega Mewtwo X and Y should each have two Giga Evos.

Mega Mewtwo X1, X2, Y1, and Y2

LOL pure genius.

Something like Mewtwo X2:

BST: 880

HP: 106
Attack: 250
Defense: 132
Sp Attack: 100
Sp Defense: 132
Speed: 160

Ability: Huge Power

*Metagame explodes*
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#9FryDays5000Posted 12/30/2013 7:05:49 PM
Salamence. 1 for being an upgraded version of the original and the other for being Dragon/Steel that goes back to it's Shelgon roots
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#10DarththeoPosted 12/30/2013 7:12:39 PM
The other two Kanto starters..
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