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What's the best ability in the game?
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KReborn149/20 7:39PM
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I just need 1 more Pokemon for the FairyCup.Should I use Togekiss or Whimsicott?
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-Unowninator-199/20 7:29PM
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Sick of all the "racist" Jynx Crap
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SiniSister_61629/20 6:31PM
My favorite episode of the Pokemon Anime.Judgmenl59/20 6:23PM
For a noob like me, is there a good list on held item recommendations?
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LTJpunk179/20 6:19PM
Are the stones from Super Training unlimited?LovelyMimi99/20 6:03PM
Do you think that some Pokemon not known to evolve to or from another Pokemon- (Poll)
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Epic_McDude249/20 6:03PM
I think I found the weirdest Pokemon move ever
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EmiArts169/20 5:59PM
Is this heracross LEGIT?
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Dr_Joltik169/20 5:57PM
Question about Powersave Pro...SushiCake364429/20 5:45PM
How much hp does a lv 100 talonflame have if its adament and 6ivs?JakeDorazio109/20 5:37PM
ITT: We talk about which boss had the best theme.
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Lord_Chivalry119/20 5:14PM
Talonflame evs?JakeDorazio49/20 5:07PM
breeding hidden abilities.FrozenGreed59/20 5:04PM
dlc question- if there is ever a new gen can they update x and y?
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skotopotomus119/20 4:27PM
Shiny gengar codesRagingHollow19/20 4:26PM