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Dragonite: Mega Evolution or Dragonair Split-Evolution?

#1H-L-WPosted 1/1/2014 11:54:00 AM
Which would you prefer? - Results (95 votes)
Mega Dragonite
30.53% (29 votes)
Split Dragonair Evolution
69.47% (66 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know a lot of people are disappointed with Dragonair's transition from an elegant, blue serpent into an orange, bulky european dragon. I guess the possible Mega Dragonite would just emphasize on Dragonite's strengths and keep Multiscale while the new Dragonair evolution would stay closer in design and could go pure Dragon-type, Dragon/Water-type or Dragon/Fairy-type.

Yes, I'd personally want both to happen, more options are always better, but I just wanted to see which people would prefer if they had to pick one over the other.
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#2TwiceNightleyPosted 1/1/2014 11:55:53 AM
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#3Companion_Cube_Posted 1/1/2014 11:58:04 AM
Split into Water/Dragon

Dragonflo is what the name should be
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#4Great_ReapettePosted 1/1/2014 11:58:49 AM
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#5WallydraiglePosted 1/1/2014 11:59:02 AM
I'm cool with either or both.
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#6NextgrandcrossPosted 1/1/2014 12:00:15 PM
I'm still not used to Derp, err, Dragonite being Dragonair's evolution after all these years. Yeah I rather it got a Split Evolution.
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