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I hate it when people ask to trade and...

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User Info: thaosnake

3 years ago#31
I dont mind cause sometime they click offer by mistake

User Info: davidledsma

3 years ago#32
Some guy I wanted to trade with kept showing off some crap elemental monkeys to me, trying to impress me with their evolved forms when I can just buy their evolution stones. Then he flashes a Shelmet. I think "Sweet, I have a Karrablast", and show it. The guy decides to show me a Froakie(the one Shauna gives you, I could tell by the name) for it. I decide to play his game and offer my Chespin. He goes back to the monkeys. I try to give the hint to go back to his Shelmet by showing my Karrablast again, but he keeps showing off his garbage. Then he shows off a Shiny Squirtle. THEN I'm interested, so I try to show my shiny Honedge that I hatched, then he goes back to his s*** monkeys for the FIFTH TIME. Guess what? He was a fellow American. I think I should just decline every trade offer with Passerbys and select Acquaintances.
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User Info: elnimio

3 years ago#33
J_Applei posted...
That's why I don't accept trade requests from Americans. All of the ones I accepted with Japanese people actually traded with me. :P

wapanese alert
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User Info: neonplanets

3 years ago#34
They could have at least had text chat. :(
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