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Would you buy a Pokemon tactics game that's different than Conquest?

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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#1
I was thinking...

-each Pokemon having multiple attacks
-an experience system
-a level system
-each warrior comes with their ideal match
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User Info: fedartz

3 years ago#2
Yes, Chronosphere detected.
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#3
If's a 3D Dynasty/Samuari Warriors game, I'm down with that. Pokemon Conquest was awesome and hopefully Hyrule Warriors will be too.

The Warriors-style games are no more "repetitive" than 2D Mario games or Pokemon games themselves.

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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#4
Maybe. Especially if it was Pokemon x Fire Emblem.
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User Info: 84Mantines

3 years ago#5
I am always up for any kind of Pokemon tactics game. I love the genre.
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User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#6
Considering I loved Advance Wars and Conquest was possibly the closest it would get to a Pokemon Wars game, I'd definitely throw my money down for it.
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#7
That would be pretty cool. Almost as cool as Hyrule Warriors.
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User Info: gamingrat

3 years ago#8
shut up and take my money
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User Info: Gamegeek_7

3 years ago#9
Yes. if it had a real EXP system and a normal capture system, i might even like it more than the main series
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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

3 years ago#10
Yeah, if it was in the vein of Fire Emblem, FF Tactics (Advance) or Advance Wars, I would try to get it very quickly.
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