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Who's the best Mega for a rain team?

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User Info: PokemonFan665

3 years ago#1
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User Info: Dj15Blue316

3 years ago#2
I don't know if it's the "best", but Mega Blastoise's water pulse in the rain is pretty damaging.
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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#3
Scizor ;)
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User Info: Catalyst586

3 years ago#4
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
Scizor ;)

Legit this with rain dance klefki

User Info: Sloth9230

3 years ago#5
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
Scizor ;)
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User Info: Caolan_2k9

3 years ago#6
Blastoise is good, but as others have mentioned probably scizor. It will fill a role that blostoise doesn't and has it's only weakness nullified heavily by the rain.

User Info: Nitemare667

3 years ago#7
Blastoise, Scizor and Aggron.
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User Info: Hawksron

3 years ago#8
the down fall for a rain team Blastoise is that He will lose His hidden ability Rain Dish when He goes mega and gains Mega Launcher, which would gave Water pluse a boost.

I use Blastoise with these movesets
-Aura Spear
-Water pluse
- Skull Bash

I dont have Y but i can see a Mega Aggron working in a rain i mean team.

Aggron-Mega @ Aggronite
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- Iron Head
- Surf
- Superpower
- Head Smash

User Info: joey11223

3 years ago#9
I'm using Mamphy at the moment, thunder coming off that 165 Sp. att hurts. Though I might try other mons too.

User Info: Octaz

3 years ago#10
I've not been using a mega at all on my rain team, you kind don't have space for one once you've spent a teamslot on Toed and three on rain abusers. I tried MegaBlastoise but he was very disappointing, I'd imagine the 'best' would probably be junk like MegaMawile/MegaLucario that can trivially fit on any team
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