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Check out my Mono-Team! (Poison) (Still in progess)

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User Info: mBisonTM

3 years ago#1

1. Amonguss- Lead- Spore user, special wall

2. Gengar- Revenge Sweeper- Counter & focus sash followed by destiny bond for bonus KO

3. Socliped- Baton Passer- invested speed, setups
Or Crobat- Faster, u-turn to Skuntank for persuit or setups

4. Skuntank- Offensive support- Psychic check, sucker punch
Or Toxicroak- Physical Sweeper- Stronger Sucker Punch

5. Weezing- Physical Wall- levitate, flamethrower

6. Tentacruel- Spinner- only Poison Spinner.

This team is still in progress! It is also built with the help of Somogon, in B/W metagame. If there is better pokes (Poison ONLY) that are from X/Y please give me Tips! How do you like my Mono -Team?
Although, many people will make fun of me for making a Mono-Team for competitive use I could care less! I think this will be a fun team and will feel ten times better if I beat someone with a team I love!
I will be breeding soon, all legit (I have a pretty good setup to get at least 5IV Pokemon). Please give me some feedback!

NOTE: I'm at work so feel free to lead the discussions, I'll check in periodically.

User Info: nidoking147

3 years ago#2
I'm also putting together a mono poison team. Let's compare.

Nidoking: Late game sweeper

Venasaur: Mega, wall

Crobat: Hits fast and hard. Wears down team with super fang

Scolipede: Physical sweeper, baton passer

Toxicroak: Staller, wears down team

Tentacruel: Wall, rapid spinner.

I also have a Nidoqueen and a Roserade, but I'm not sure if I should use them.
Pokemon Y Friend Code: 3454-0381-5184
Trust me, I am Nidoking.
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