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why do people care about pokebank so much

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2 years ago#21
Judgmenl posted...
1. I want Celebi
2. I want to start a new game and not lose my Blaziken.

You'll lose your Blazikenite though.
2 years ago#22
For me it would just be really nice to have all my pokes from all the different gens from all the games on one single spot.

No need to go and find that particular one on that old generation game and have to move it through 6 games to get it...
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2 years ago#23
Galapagoz posted...
You can't even use mature words, let alone use an immature word correctly in a sentence

Your intelligence is clearly lacking. Go join your buddy in talking up the "top tier Japanese strategies".

Before posting something about proper sentence construction, consider actually putting punctuation at the end of what you write. I don't have time for your infantile self if reaching for this arbitrary garbage is the best you have to offer me. Pathetic.

Oh wait, that's right:
Galapagoz posted...
I come here to troll.
such sig, very meme
2 years ago#24
MindwalkerX posted...
I wanna transfer all my Pokemons from past gens, that represents countless hours of breeding, training and whatnot?

this, I don't know how people can't understand this. 3DS FC:2921-9523-3800
2 years ago#25
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. If you mean what this sounds like, then some want their pokemon due to an emotional attachment, or they don't want to go through all the effort of remaking all their previous mons, or because they feel entitled to completing their dex in the easiest way possible.
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