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New to vgc. Need team help.

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3 years ago#1
Hello everyone like most I have loved Pokemon since a young age. I have recently got into competitive vgc doubles and need help tweaking my team. I did really good at my local tournament. I however am getting blown up in rating battles online. Any advice on where to improve would be amazing thank you in advance.

Klefki @Light Clay
Calm - Prankster
Light Screen
Thunder Wave
Foul Play

Kangaskhan @Kangaskhanite
Jolly - Scrappy
Power-Up Punch
Sucker Punch

Greninja @Life Orb
Timid - Protean
Dark Pulse

Sylveon @Assault Vest
Bold - Pixilated
Moon blast
Draining Kiss
Shadow Ball

Scrappy @Focus Sash
Jolly - Moxie
Dragon Dance
Drain Punch
Quick Guard
Poison Jab

Dragonite @Leftovers
Adamant - Multiscale
Dragon Dance
Extreme Speed
Thunder Punch
Rock Slide
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
Do you have any strategy for sending the pokemon out?
Then you can kinda build on from there. See which pairs are the best for starting out
3 years ago#4
I normally start with Klefki and mega mom. Depending on what I see I may switch Klefki for Scrafty against something like Talonflame or Sableye to quick guard the priority.
3 years ago#5
I also put in Dragonite if I see electric or water pokemon.
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