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They should have a Pokemon trainer based on Palutena from Kid Icarus.

#1HakuMan111386Posted 1/22/2014 5:23:19 PM
Anyone else think so? What would her Pokemon be??
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#2CheckmateD1Posted 1/22/2014 5:25:50 PM
Probably Tropius becau-


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#3RaltriosPosted 1/22/2014 5:30:02 PM
Something like:

Machamp (Strongarm)
Togetic/Kiss (Pit)
Frosslass (Medusa)
Gardevoir (herself)
Scizor (Great Sacred Treasure)
Drifblim (Thanatos)

Dunno what would be good representatives for Viridi and Hades. Not to mention various weapons.
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#4The_Pig_HostagePosted 1/22/2014 6:11:22 PM
she'd have a Gardevoir and would ferociously make out with it before each match
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