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Your favorite and least favorite starter?

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2 years ago#11
My favorite is Tepig, and least favorite is Oshawott.
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2 years ago#12
Definitely Greninja

I really didn't like gen 2 grass
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2 years ago#13
Fav: bulba/chespin. Least: gen5 water. The evolution just doesn't seem to flow
2 years ago#14
Favorite: Torterra, love that grass turtle

Least Favorite: Typhlosion
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2 years ago#15
I think I got a split for Bulbasaur and Chespin as my faves.

While my hatred for how terrible Tepig is compared to how broken the Torchic line is makes me split on them as well
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2 years ago#16
I really like Piplup.
I wish Torchic never became a thing.
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2 years ago#17
Oshawott and Treecko are my favorite.

Really don't like Chimchar
2 years ago#18
fave charmander (best pokemon family ever)
Leas Fave Chimchar not a fan of the design and it came off as a "clone" if you will of torchick
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2 years ago#19
Favourite: Mudkip (and because it's cute, and learns muddy water - a surf alternative with accuracy reduction!)

Least Favourite: I really dislike Delphox - ugly final evolution, weird typing...
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2 years ago#20
Favorite: Either Blastoise or Feraligatr
Least Favorite: Emboar and Samurott can rot in f***ing s*** (I dislike their designs)
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