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Remember when almost the whole board taught that pokebank would release thursday

#11wolf360revPosted 1/25/2014 12:32:07 PM
I didn't think it was going to come out Thursday.
Would be nice if it would release Soon so I can start another playthrough on Pokémon Y using some of the Pokémon Bank Pokémon and a few other Pokémon I didn't catch on my first play through of the game
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#12GalapagozPosted 1/25/2014 1:09:50 PM
kingjam1 posted...
Optimistic fools.

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#13Lady-LucyPosted 1/25/2014 1:25:40 PM
Por Favor Entiendan.
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#141everdudePosted 1/25/2014 1:32:01 PM
It's funny how everyone thought Japan and the rest of Asia would only receive a 2 day advantage over the rest of the world.
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#15Miggi3Fr3shPosted 1/25/2014 1:40:38 PM
s'il vous plaît comprendre
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#16Distance-GaryPosted 1/25/2014 2:48:22 PM
Actually, there has been reasonable speculation that it could be Monday, Thursday, or Friday of next week.

The speculation for Monday

And Nintendo has been known for doing updates on Thursdays and special updates on Friday. Try not to get your hopes up too fast guys, pokebank not coming out tomorrow is not the end of the world. I'm almost sure that it will be out before the end of January because we've already seen the re-release of pokebank in Japan.

Everyone calm down and try not to flip out.
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#17wellingtonPosted 1/25/2014 2:54:59 PM
GoGoat posted...

calling all chess fans