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Do you have to claim the PokeBank Celebi?

#1_SiTro_Posted 2/4/2014 3:33:17 AM
Haven't yet tried to transport anything to/from Bank, but I'm curious about the event Celebi that comes with it.

Are you forced to receive the Celebi before you transfer anything into the game, or can I ignore it in favour of accessing the pokemon I trained for battling last gen? (Which, honestly, matter more to me at this point)

I'll pick it up at some point, but not being my first priority I'd prefer to postpone it for now.
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#2WhiteBaitKentPosted 2/4/2014 3:38:18 AM
It's offered to you the second time you use Pokebank and you can collect it from Pokemon Link (along with your 10BP or 100 Pokemiles)
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#3ShamankianPosted 2/4/2014 3:40:46 AM
Not forced at all - it will be put in your BANK (not transfer box) when you access Pokébank after retrieving your customary 10BP/100 pokémiles (or none if you so desire).