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Posted: 3/20/2014 9:06:20 AM
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Not sure if this is the right place to come but i keep seeing this error message when trying to log onto bank: Communication in your last session did not complete correctly. Performing clean up process now

I understand what happened but after that it tells me that i was using a different cartridge and that i need to open bank with it, but it's the same one i was using when my internet crapped out. It logs me off and i keep getting this message when i try to log on. I know it's the same Cartridge because 1: I only have X and 2. It shows my IGN and ID which my cartridge matches.
Any Help is greatly appreciated :3 Iv'e got some stuff in the bank that i want to take out.

That problem is actually caused when your pokebank session/internet dies out and you started a new game with that cartridge. What you'll need to do is contact Nintendo about this issue.

Thank you for your help! I messaged nintendo since i have not started a new game on my cartridge and i'm 100% it's the same. Now i'm going to wait and hope for the best :)

Iv'e received a reply, in this situation, it's important that you call nintendo! They will give you instructions to follow! You have to hold L + Start + A on the screen where it asks for which game you want to use bank with, and it will give you a code. You have to give the code to the person helping you, and they will give you a different code to enter! Once this happens you should be able to access bank again! Just thought I'd leave this here in case anyone was going through the same problem :)
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