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So when will we get mega latis I'm pumped for them

#1FidchelPosted 2/6/2014 8:20:22 PM
I'm wondering when we will get them I'm hoping soon
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#2InfernalFivePosted 2/7/2014 6:38:20 AM
Probably when RS rem- *gets shot*
#3omgitsjustmePosted 2/7/2014 6:39:20 AM
We'll realise soul dews are actually mega stones
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#4Rikardo90Posted 2/7/2014 6:40:15 AM
I'm not, the latis are allowed on rated, mega latis will probably be dreadfull there. D:
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#5fedartzPosted 2/7/2014 6:40:31 AM
InfernalFive posted...
Probably when RS rem- *gets shot*

*Give Assalt Vest*

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