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Pokecheck question

#11PuppyfaicPosted 2/7/2014 4:27:36 PM
Bugorchestra posted...
RLutece posted...
The Hacked to be Legit Pokč's can!

(Which I <3

You've tried it? You sure about this? Can anyone confirm?

Can confirm. I used my hacked Eeveelution team on Battle Spot all day yesterday.
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#12tcsavatoPosted 2/7/2014 4:30:23 PM
The claassic ribbon only prevents trades on GTS and wonder trade. Local and wifi trades are fair game.
#13Bugorchestra(Topic Creator)Posted 2/7/2014 4:31:30 PM
Thank god. Okay, topic closed. Thank you very much all who commented here.
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#14neonplanetsPosted 2/7/2014 4:59:38 PM
You can use pokeGTS to transfer them instead. No ribbon from there.
#15Mrblack3157Posted 2/9/2014 12:01:27 PM
Bugorchestra posted...
What about with gen'd? And the Ribbon? Can anyone clarify that for me?

I tried it but it kept telling there was somthing wrong with my pokemon, but idk if that was the ribbon or not.
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