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Modest Octillery

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User Info: TehLizardKing

3 years ago#1
Should I go 252 in HP for a Modest Octillery? Is speed a waste?
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User Info: Eeveefan11

3 years ago#2
252 spA and 252 hp is good. And yes, speed is a waste.

User Info: srzg

3 years ago#3
The only reason to invest in speed is if you want to abuse Moody
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User Info: viewtifullink99

3 years ago#4
Speed is absolutely a waste. The best use I've made of octillery is actually as a physical attacker in a trick room setting. He has Sniper ability and access to focus energy so if he holds a scope lens he's at a 100% crit rate, meaning that paired with sniper each attack does double damage every single time.
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