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#1ieatfoodtooPosted 2/7/2014 9:47:21 PM
I just want to know everyones stance on this issue. I feel like cloning is pretty much the same as hacking legit pokes. I mean people clone like a million copies of a 6IV shiny mew and trade it to other people for cloned shiny 6 IV pokes. So is that really any different than hacking in a legit 6IV shiny? Yeah i guess cloning requires a bit more effort in the beginning but once you hatch a 6IV shiny then you clone it and its easy living after that. I'm not against either, i just like to battle and i'd rather hack a 6IV Pachirisu than breed it for hours. I've never done cloning though. IDK i'm probably totally wrong but whats everyone elses opinions?
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