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Reaction to "Proof gen one is the best and gen five and six are the worst

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2 years ago#1
I have been really annoyed by this one topic. Proof that ge- oh you know the topic. The creator, EmperorZangoose is using his bias information for his stupid generation. And i am looking at everything he said recently. Lets begin

First, the topic opening. It Proves Nothing! If he is saying he its the best, even though he talks about megas, not pokemon! Thats the forst problem. Its hypocritical! And the reason gen stupid and gen fail didnt get megas was to give previous generations attention.

Second, his arceus speech. Yes mega mewtwo x and y would be 60 stats higher than but his arguement is crap saying i cant do anything to it. Arceus is still the third strongest pokemon i the game and still has 40 base stats higher than regular mewtwo. And arceus is literally the god of pokemon and mewtwo is a genetically cloned cat! Not a god! Mewtwo was the banished one!

Also, "Volcarubbish". Do I really need to explain? It Is A Sun God Who Know Telekinesis! How is that not awesome!? And bug is not a bad type! Volcaruinyourday will also flamethrower that butter fly. And Escavaller can kabob mewtwo's head with megahorn! Your arguement is still invalid

Plus, scizor was not a wall, it was a sweeper, even if it has mediocre speed. Give it agility either way. Which then Bug buzz will send mewtwo flying!

Scrafty also isnt bad! It is also good so shut up or take a dark pulse the guy has feelings

Finally, all generations are good. They bring in new techniques and thing to make bonds with your pokemon. Gen II Also fixed every single problem with gen one and psychic type was broken with bug as its only weakness! This is why megahorn exists. And let me name some pokemon in your best generation ever. A fart, a rock, a poop, a ball, a shell, eggs, a dog, a rat, and a seal. Now some new games. A pistol shrimp, the three musketeers, a juggernaut, a turtle with a continent on its back, a lion, a sakura tree, a land shark, a wolf, a iron bird, a leviathan, a dog fairy, a stag beetle, a mantaray the list goes on and on! Gen five and six are good with megas, competitive items, internet options, pokemon amie, super training, dream world, triple battles and rotation battles, infinite tm use, animated sprites, etc. i mean, i like charizard, but i at least dont shove it down your throat. In fact i have a shiny one! You get my point. The games are good so give other games a try, do competitve battles, and if you reply in a crappy genwunner way i will send a drapion and klefki up your butt
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
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2 years ago#4
ZeroRidley posted...

At least give it a try
2 years ago#5
He called Volcarona rubbish!? >:U
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