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Badass pokemon you find adorable?

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User Info: jdeo1997

3 years ago#31
in a way, azelf, as it is so adorable and cute and able to run a mixed move set with a wide variety of moves like the elemetnal punches and other moves
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User Info: GhoullyX

3 years ago#32
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User Info: Froakiebloke

3 years ago#33
My now lost shiny Skarmory was so cute..
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User Info: Lady-Lucy

3 years ago#34
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User Info: DeathChaos25

3 years ago#35
Lady-Lucy posted...
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#36

I like how it doesn't even bother trying to maintain a tough image in Amie like a lot of other fully evolved Pokemon and acts in a totally adorable fashion (When it's not ticked off, at least).
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User Info: pushstart89

3 years ago#37
Clefable, gained badass status this gen whilst looking as adorable as ever, (albeit slightly huge).
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User Info: Matt_the_noob

3 years ago#38
Crobat. It doesn't have that hideous face from Colosseum/XD gale of darkness.
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