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Guys, I need YOUR help!!

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2 years ago#1
So, backstory, first. Me & a friend have quite the fierce battling rivalry, the teams we build always center around beating each other, rather than anyone else. The thing is, while I'm unbeaten in 10 (against passerbys) with the team I've built for our next battle, & feel pretty confident. I've been informed they've enlisted outside help (In the form of the Serebii forums) for the first time in an attempt to beat me! :O

This goes against how we normally play, as it's usually my own picked team, against theirs!

So, I want YOUR help to build an entire new team, that will scare them to the core! Let's turn this into Serebii Vs. GameFAQs, AND WE SHALL WIN!!

I'm not gonna list my current moves, EV spread, etc, for my current team (As I'm posting on my 3DS, & will take too long), but my Pokemon are... Umbreon, Greninja, Blaziken, Aegislash, Gengar, & Blissey. We'll be playing doubles, & the only 2 conditions are no legendaries, & no MegaMum.

So, help me out, show what GameFAQs has got, & help me crush my friends spirit! Please list ideal natures/ moves/ EV spread with each Pokemon, please (If possible).

Thanks in advance, guys!
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2 years ago#2
I like crushing spirits, but I don't have much knowledge on the subject. Good luck, and post pics of your broken friend if you can.
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2 years ago#3
Serebii vs GameFAQs - in an epic showdown
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2 years ago#4
Get a Whimsicott and trolololol him. That'll teach him.
I posted this for you!!
2 years ago#5
How could I troll them with Whimsicott?

Has no-one got any team suggestions? I thought I'd be piled under with suggestions from the great minds of GameFAQs! :(
Gamertag - richisdisturbed
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2 years ago#6
Use funbro
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2 years ago#7
Also, perish trap gengar
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2 years ago#8
Well, there are numerous things which are considered annoying... Paraflinch togekiss, paraswagger klefki, minimize blissey or perish trap m-gengar... If everything else fails, use funbro, it will crush their spirit alright.
2 years ago#9
It would definitely help if you listed your current sets. Also, in future, don't look for great advice on Gamefaqs. It's like a really long bridge with tons of trolls underneath.

I can't help you much, but I will definitely recommend Foul Play on Umbreon. If he has something that likes to boost it's attack, you'll be annoying him all right.
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2 years ago#10
zelionx posted...
Use funbro
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