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PokeBank is far from perfect

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User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#11
jasonjsk posted...
Ugh D/P 6 pokemon a day and then go running around for ages for pokemon. Yeah Pokebank is very nice, I am glad you can move a whole box at a time.

I forgot that dumb limit as well because I used HG, but you're right.

User Info: OrangeCrush980

3 years ago#12
Pal Park and the gen 5 thing were annoying, but at least they had reasons for being how they were (Gamefreak wanted it to be a minigame). Poke Transporter is just flat out lazy programming that feels like a single intern just slapped it together or something.

Though yeah, I'd totally pay $5 for a dummy DS game that can hold at least 30 Pokemon and lets you transfer from gens 3 and 4 without any BS and then upload them to the bank with a not-crap interface. Unfortunately Gamefreak would never do that, admittedly for a few good reasons, but whenever I think of the Emerald-to-X commute I cringe.
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