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Getting Meloetta through Pokebank

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2 years ago#1
So I'm using the Pokedit app for the iPhone/iPad. I send my Meloetta through to my B2 succesfully, but everytime I try to send it to the Poke Transporter to send it to bank it wont allow it. I provided a pic of what I'm setting it's stats to in hopes that someone could point out what I'm messing up:

Same thing is occuring with my Blissey:

I'm wondering if Meloetta isn't going through because Pokedit defaults every pokemon into a regular pokeball instead of a Cherish Ball??
2 years ago#2
Don't use Pokedit. Use Pokecheck and Pokegen.
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2 years ago#3
1. The Ot is wrong.
2. The SId is wrong.
3. the met date.
4. the met level
5. probably missing the ribbon

Overall a 2/10 hack.
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2 years ago#4
Bah, I was hoping to avoid my computer all together.

Ah, so they only thing I'd be unable to fix is the ribbon situation.

I'm not an experienced "pokemon hacker" by any means, so thanks for the check list, hah.
2 years ago#5
Yea, their event stuff usually doesn't make it through, nor do their hidden ability pokemon, sadly enough.
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