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I been breeding for days but can't get a jolly absol

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  3. I been breeding for days but can't get a jolly absol
1 year ago#1
I breeded the absol to get my moves I wanted. I have a 6iv ditto. I get every nature to appear from a egg but jolly. Am I doing something wron HELP
1 year ago#2
There is a breeding guide. Natures are the easiest thing to do. You need to have something with the desired nature hold an ever stone. Usually a ditto. Then take out the ditto and replace it with one of the bred pokemon and have that hold the ever stone. Since you have egg moves you want make sure the egg moves are the last two slots because of pokemon automatically switching out moves in the daycare and make sure it holds the everstone while the 6iv ditto holds the destiny knot
1 year ago#3
Do you have a jolly ditto? Give it an everstone, then breed with that, then give the baby an everstone and breed it with your 6iv ditto.
1 year ago#4
They are the last two slots of the moves. So should I take the ditto out put a destiny knot on a male absol and a everstone on a female absol and put in daycare?
1 year ago#5
Like these guys said, just give a jolly ditto an everstone. If you don't have a jolly ditto, I can give you a jolly absol that you can breed with your absol.
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1 year ago#6
I'd really appreciate that. I just started this last night. Add me my friend code is 2852-8845-7899
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  3. I been breeding for days but can't get a jolly absol

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