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Do you feel embarrassed playing Pokemon in public?

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2 years ago#41
LightningAce11 posted...
Sephiroth0327 posted...
Nope - I bring my 3DS with me most anywhere

I don't do this, though it's mostly out of a fear of losing it.

Playing Bravely Default and Link Between Worlds pretty much encourages me to keep bringing my 3DS everywhere, even to classes.

That said, Pokemon, Bravely Default, and Cave Story 3D are all played with pride. I'm a gamer, here's my 3DS.
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2 years ago#42
I don't give a f*** if they watch me playing pokemon master race
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2 years ago#43
The people who matter don't care, the people who care don't matter.
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2 years ago#44
Nope. Haters gonna hate. Heck, I play it in school too.
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2 years ago#45
I bet everyone who is embarrassed isn't in college. No one in college gives a s*** unless they're fans themselves.
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2 years ago#46
Nope, limited edition 3DS too. Then again I live in Japan and there's almost always someone older than me playing as well anyway.
2 years ago#47
Me and my friends play multibattles when go to a bar or resturaunt funny when you play drunk.
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2 years ago#48
You know someone hasn't matured yet when they still care about what strangers think of them. "Oh no, that person who I've never met, and most likely will never see again, is standing right there, I better not play Pokémon."
I thought it was legit because it was Japanese. - jogglypuff
2 years ago#49
Nope. I play Pokémon, and that's OK. If you have a problem with it, don't play it. I've whipped out the 3DS on the train a couple times. Do what you like and be proud of it!
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2 years ago#50
I don't feel embarrassed.
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