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Shauna is a chespin

#1omgitsjustmePosted 2/23/2014 11:58:57 PM
I can't wait for her to "evolve"
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#2Emmy_AltavaPosted 2/24/2014 12:00:08 AM
tierno is a tepig
#3RatheVPosted 2/24/2014 12:00:25 AM
On the one hand, I feel like warning you that the mods will delete joke topics.

On the other hand, this is so surreal and strange that I'm not even sure you're joking.
#4BurnedPotatoesPosted 2/24/2014 12:01:06 AM
I'm a tomato...
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#5Mean_BeaniePosted 2/24/2014 12:01:25 AM
He should lock it, just in case. You never know.
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#6RatheVPosted 2/24/2014 12:01:43 AM
Mean_Beanie posted...
He should lock it, just in case. You never know.

Probably, yeah.
#7JarickoPosted 2/24/2014 12:05:56 AM
BurnedPotatoes posted...
I'm a tomato...

I Am A Banana!
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