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What would you do to buff the Ice Type?

#51AkubarixPosted 3/6/2014 12:35:40 AM
Give them a "protect" move. You use it, it freezes the enemy Pokemon for ONE turn (cured on switch as well). You only get 5, instead of 10 and it doesn't work on pokes that resist ice, it lowers speed a stage for a turn instead.
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#52FightingPolygon(Topic Creator)Posted 3/6/2014 10:30:40 AM
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#53DragrathPosted 3/7/2014 6:15:01 AM
ice would resist water, fairy and I'm liking the dragon resist
the hail defense boost was a good idea guys
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#54FightingPolygon(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2014 11:20:51 AM
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#55PrettyTonyTigerPosted 3/9/2014 7:40:53 AM
How about Ice Terrain?
-heals burn & prevents
-boost ice types defense stats by fifty %
-lowers speed of non-ice types by one stage

You'd probably say just make it to hail, but remember terrain can coexist with other weather! So say for instance, Swift Swim Beartic under rain & terrain, my goodness!
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#56Misdreavus573Posted 3/9/2014 7:46:00 AM
Resist Water and Ground.
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#57Great_ReapettePosted 3/9/2014 7:58:11 AM
Ice's coverage isn't good enough. Make it SE on Ice.
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#58FightingPolygon(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2014 4:46:39 AM
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#59matthewthemanPosted 3/10/2014 4:52:10 AM
Normal does not need another type to resist it. Ice should not resist Normal. And guy who listed the Ice types, you neglected to mention Kyurem-W and Kyurem-B, both of which are good ice types, being in Uber and OU, respectively.
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#60Mewtwo_soulPosted 3/10/2014 4:59:16 AM
-Give better move pools to many Ice types. (Vanilluxe here's looking at you my friend.)
-Improve hail in some fashion as a weather type. (More ice type abilities in regards to Hail weather/etc.)
-Make changes to the game that make Fighting/Rock/Fire moves so common, so that they're less common.
-Stop making so many ice types fragile in some regard.
-Ice type U-Turn. >.>;
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