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So, I just blew my own mind. (Frost Breath TM)

#1UratohPosted 3/5/2014 5:36:17 PM
I...accidently discovered you could slide diagonally on the ice. Suddenly, I was able to get the Frost Breath TM.

mind: blown.
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#2JohnRust7Posted 3/5/2014 5:36:50 PM
This is madness!
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#3LexifoxPosted 3/5/2014 5:37:01 PM
That puzzle took me forever because I forgot that you can move diagonally in this game.
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#4Tsukasa1891Posted 3/5/2014 5:41:15 PM
JohnRust7 posted...
This is madness!


but not really.
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