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Mind was blown.

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2 years ago#41
...I didn't know quite a few of these. o_o;
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2 years ago#42
auddits posted...
I feel like an boob for not knowing that you can mark pokemon in your party without going to your pc. It makes marking breeding rejects much easier.

You open their summary page and can tap the icons on the bottom.

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2 years ago#43
Wow tag
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2 years ago#44
TheError404 posted...
ITT: Miniscule things(helpful or not) GameFreak likes to put in and leaves it to the players to find out. Good stuff.

When you press X and open the menu, you can arrange those menus(Pokemon, Pokedex, Bag, etc) by holding on it then dragging it.
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2 years ago#45
Here's my newbie one. Lapras has an unique surf sprite. Found this out about 2 days ago and was amazed but also felt silly because a NPC gives you a Lapras fairly early in the game. Don't know how I missed this 1.
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