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How long does the story usually take you to complete (including most post game.)

#1blademythPosted 3/17/2014 10:34:08 AM
I was wondering how long it takes you guys to clear the main story of pokemon in general, so far the only games I've clocked more than 30 hours on Pokemon FireRed and Soul Silver and that was because I enjoyed beating the elite four over and over again for some reason. As of right now I just finished Pokemon Black (waiting on my Pokemon Y being shipped to me) in about 22:37. That is including all legendaries except Tornadus, beating the rematched Elite 4 and Champion, beating Cynthia and Morimoto, and exploring the Abyssal Ruins.

The reason I wonder is because everywhere I look on the internet from reviews to the average playtime here on GameFAQs range from 46 hours to 55 hours depending on the game.
#2SordesPosted 3/17/2014 10:37:02 AM
That sounds way to short for me. Mine are almost never short of 50-70 hours.
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#3blademyth(Topic Creator)Posted 3/17/2014 10:48:26 AM(edited)
Sordes posted...
That sounds way to short for me. Mine are almost never short of 50-70 hours.

Interesting, honestly the only things I don't do in a story playthrough is the non-consequential things like Pokemon Contests in old games and the various side activities in Nimbasa. I always explore every route and go back to them after I get the needed HMs.

How much do you level your pokemon usually? Usually I make a team of 5 and the only time I have to sit aside time to grind is right before the Elite Four and preparing for the Cynthia/Morimoto fights. Hell, even back in the original Silver and the Soul Silver remake I beat Red with a mid lvl 60s team.