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My vgc team

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User Info: Harshdeep4

3 years ago#1
I've been playing vgc only for a month at most and I've become pretty good but I know that my team can be improved. My main problem is with my bisharp. Because my aerodactyl holds the focus sash, I find bisharp more useless. But if I get rid of it, I'll have a problem with intimidate.

My team:(only really the moves that matter)
Meowstic: fake out, quick guard, thunder wave, safeguard-sitrus berry
Conkeldurr: Mach punch, drain punch, rock slide, earthquake-assault vest
Charizard Y:heat wave, overheat, solar beam, protect
Aerodactyl:tailwind, protect, ice fang, rock slide-focus sash
RotomW:will-o-wisp, thunderbolt, hydro pump, protect-leftovers
Bisharp:sucker punch, protect, night slash,iron head-life orb

I like some starts like thunder waving my conkeldurr to get the guts boost if I need to but again my team isn't perfect and any help is welcome. Please help with my problem with bisharp.

User Info: Gunsandredroses

3 years ago#2
A better way to get the Guts boost is to use Will O Wisp to burn him, as he doesn't risk missing turns. The attack-reducing effects of the burn are negated by Guts, of course. Just a thought.
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User Info: JudgeMaster

3 years ago#3
You could switch the berry for a flame orb to conkeldurr to start up that Guts ability early.

User Info: Harshdeep4

3 years ago#4
About the will o wisp, I do use that I just forgot to mention it. The flame orb might be a good idea though. Any help with bisharp?
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