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What's your favorite Grass type?

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2 years ago#41
Possibly Tangrowth. Not completely sure.
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2 years ago#42
Breloom or Venusaur.
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2 years ago#43
Gamer for life, 32 years and counting.
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2 years ago#44
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2 years ago#45
breloom for sure
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2 years ago#46
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2 years ago#47
In terms of what I use Trevenant.

Everything else: Sceptile
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2 years ago#48
I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
2 years ago#49
Guess that's it.
2 years ago#50
As Genwunny as I might sound, Venusaur still just has too much of a place in my heart.
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